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Cromodoras for sale

I have a set of 4, properly-restored, original, magnesium alloy, 14" 6J Cromodora CD28 wheels for sale... plus a spare, partially-restored wheel to throw in free.

I had originally purchased these five rims whilst in Italy many years ago (at the start of my car's restoration) with the intention of fitting them to my series 1 Fulvia.  However, a change in direction means that I shall be creating a more domestic-spec car rather than a fast road/ race/ rally version.  As such, despite the cost and effort to get these back to Blighty and restore them, I am now selling them.  I shall likely keep my original steelies.

These Cromodoras were restored by Steve Turner of TPCS some years ago and they have remained in storage in my garage ever since. The process included blasting, penetration check and anti-corrosion chemical dip prior to powder coating. Four of the rims were found to be okay and were fully-restored however one has a crack in the inside edge and so was left un-restored to keep as a spare.  This wheel has received the anti-corrosion dip but the repair and powder coating was, for budget reasons, left for a future time.

Included with the purchase are the five metal centre caps, although these are unrestored items.  They will need cleaning up and repainting.  One of them will need the threaded fixing rod replacing.

Disclaimer (and I am rather nit-picking here), whilst the work undertaken by TPCS was faultless and as per the brief, the wheels themselves are not flawless.  It was a conscious decision not to fill the few & slight imperfections on the face of the wheels for reasons of longevity and practicality.  As such, although the wheels look great generally, a critical eye will focus on the odd imperfection and some historic pitting under the powder coat.  The larger blemishes are on the inside of the wheel (scrapes from wheel changes, stones, etc I imagine) but obviously these are never seen once fitted to the car.  I have taken photos of every wheel, both outer and inner faces, so judge for yourself.  I do not know how flawless other 50 year old, magnesium wheels sold in these circles are (I have no frame of reference) but it would be remiss of me not to mention.  I believe that I am a stickler for detail (hence why I mention this) but I was also being practical in the level of restoration for my needs, appreciating that I would be racing around Goodwood or Castle Coombe with these and surely scrape them before too long anyway! 



Click here to download higher resolution files of the above photographs.  JPEG images compressed into a single .zip folder



I have been reliably informed on multiple occasions that a set of four, properly-restored, period, magnesium Cromodoras commands in excess of a thousand pounds.  It seems that, with each passing month, the cost of Lancia parts gets evermore expensive, but I am pragmatic and realistic .  These wheels are well-restored originals with metal centre caps (plus a spare to cater for any future catastrophes) but they are not showroom fresh/ NOS and I cannot offer a shop guarantee... I'm just another Lancisti with some spare bits.

A couple of years ago I advertised these same wheels on eBay but (largely due to poor timing of the bid which coincided with two major motoring events) my reserve was not met and I never bothered to re-list them.  So here I am, looking to realise some readies to progress my own restoration, and I propose the following...

I would part with them immediately for £750.

Alternatively, rather like an auction site, I will consider offers below my 'buy it now' figure but will not confirm back to you until after 18/03/23 to allow me to consider the best of all offers.

I am happy to drive up to 30 miles from Basingstoke to deliver/ meet, gratis, assuming that I do not have to enter a ULEZ or Congestion Charge zone.

To contact me, please email me at

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